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High-speed Rail Train Named by DNAKE Group Successfully Launched


Xiamen, China (May 10th, 2023) – Coinciding with the 7th "China Brand Day", the launch ceremony of the high-speed rail train named by DNAKE group was successfully held at Xiamen North Railway Station.

Mr. Miao Guodong, President of Dnake (Xiamen) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., and other leaders attended the launch ceremony to witness the official launch of the high-speed rail named train. During the ceremony, Mr. Miao Guodong emphasized that 2023 marks the 18th anniversary of DNAKE Group and is a crucial year for the brand's development. He expressed his belief that the collaboration between DNAKE and China's high-speed rail industry, leveraging the immense influence of China's high-speed rail, will bring the DNAKE brand into countless households across the country. As part of the brand upgrade strategy, DNAKE has joined hands with China High-speed Railway to spread the smart home concept of DNAKE to more places.


After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Mr. Huang Fayang, Vice President of DNAKE, and Mr. Wu Zhengxian, Chief Branding Officer of Yongda Media, exchanged souvenirs with each other.


Unveiling the high-speed train named by DNAKE Group, DNAKE's logo and slogan “AI-enabled Smart Home” are particularly eye-catching. 


Finally, the leading guests attending the launching ceremony stepped into the high-speed rail train for a visit. The striking and stunning multimedia displays throughout the whole carriage showcase the immense brand power of DNAKE. The seat, table stickers, cushions, canopies, posters, etc. imprinted with the advertising slogan of "DNAKE - Your Smart Home Partner", will accompany each and every group of passengers on the journey.

DNAKE smart home control panels stand out as the most attention-grabbing. As the industry's most complete range of control panels, DNAKE smart home control screens are available in a variety of sizes and designs, including 4 inches, 6 inches, 7 inches, 7.8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, etc., to meet the diverse needs of different customers for home decoration, to create a healthy and comfortable smart home environment.


The DNAKE Group’s High-speed Rail Named Train creates an exclusive communication space for the DNAKE brand and showcases the brand image of “Your Smart Home Partner” through a comprehensive and immersive transmission range.


According to the theme of the 7th "China Brand Day" which is "China Brand, Global Sharing", DNAKE has been consistently aiming to lead the smart concept and provide a better life. The company has been focusing on cutting-edge technology research and development, innovation-driven brand development, and continuous brand building, striving to lead a quality new life with a high-quality brand.

With the support of China's high-speed railway network, the DNAKE brand and its products will expand their reach to more cities and potential customers, creating broader market opportunities, and allowing more families to easily experience healthy, comfortable, and smart homes.

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