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It's helpful to visitors with hearing aids, it will increase the intercom volume that visitors hear.

Yes, all Linux Door Stations support ONVIF. The rest Door Stations doesn't support. Indoor Monitors doesn't support either.

S series (S215, S615, S212, S213K, S213M) support both IC card (mifare 13.56MHz) and ID card(125KHz). For the rest of the models, you need to choose one of them.

For door station S215, you can reset the password by long press 8 seconds of physical reset button; For other devices, please send the MAC address to technical support engineer, then they will help you to reset.

Android Door Stations can support up to 100,000 ID/IC cards. Linux Door Stations can support up to 20,000 ID/IC cards.

S215, S615 supports 3 relays while S212, S213K and S213M support 2 relays. For the rest of the models, they only support one relay but you can use DNAKE UM5-F19 to extend it to 2 relays via RS485.

Yes, our IP system supports standard SIP 2.0, which is compatible with IP phone(Yealink) and IP PBX(Yeastar) .

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