DNAKE Cloud Service offers a cutting-edge mobile app and a powerful management platform, streamlining property access and enhancing the overall user experience. With remote management, intercom deployment and maintenance become effortless for installers. Property managers gain unparalleled flexibility, able to seamlessly add or remove residents, check logs, and more—all within a convenient web-based interface accessible anytime, anywhere. Residents enjoy smart unlocking options, plus the ability to receive video calls, remotely monitor and unlock doors, and grant secure access to visitors. DNAKE Cloud Service simplifies property, device, and resident management, making it effortless and convenient and providing an outstanding user experience at every step.



Remote Management

The remote management capabilities offer unprecedented convenience and efficiency. It allows for flexibility to multiple sites, buildings, locations, and intercom devices, which can be configured and managed remotely anytime and anywhere. 


Easy Scalability

DNAKE cloud-based intercom service can easily scale to accommodate properties of different sizes, whether residential or commercial. When managing a single residential building or a large complex, property managers can add or remove residents from the system as needed, without significant hardware or infrastructure changes.


Convenient Access

Cloud-based smart technology not only provides various access methods such as face recognition, mobile access, temp key, Bluetooth, and QR code, but also offers unmatched convenience by empowering tenants to remotely grant access, all with just a few taps on smartphones.


Ease of Deployment

Reduce installation costs and enhance user experience by eliminating the need for wiring and installation of indoor units. Leveraging cloud-based intercom systems results in cost savings during initial setup and ongoing maintenance.


Enhanced Security

Your privacy matters. DNAKE cloud service offers robust security measures to ensure your information is always well protected. Hosted on the trusted Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, we adhere to international standards like GDPR and utilize advanced encryption protocols such as SIP/TLS, SRTP, and ZRTP for secure user authentication and end-to-end encryption. 


High Reliability

You never have to worry about creating and keeping track of physical duplicate keys. Instead, with the convenience of a virtual temp key, you can effortlessly authorize entry to visitors for a specified time, strengthening security and giving you more control over your property.


Cloud Intercom offers a comprehensive and adaptable communication solution, tailored to meet the diverse needs of both residential and commercial applications, ensuring seamless connectivity across all industries. No matter the type of building you own, manage, or live in, we have a property access solution for you.


We have designed our features with a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of residents, property managers, and installers, and have seamlessly integrated them with our cloud service, ensuring optimal performance, scalability, and ease of use for all.



Manage access to your property or premise via your smartphone or tablet. You can seamlessly receive video calls, remotely unlock doors and gates, and enjoy a hassle-free entry experience, etc.  Additionally, the value-added landline/SIP feature enables you to receive calls on your cellphone, phone line, or SIP phone, ensuring you never miss a call.


Property Manager

A cloud-based management platform for you to check the status of intercom devices and access resident information anytime. Besides effortless updating and editing of resident details, as well as convenient viewing of entry and alarm logs, it further enables remote access authorization, enhancing overall management efficiency and convenience.



Eliminating the need for wiring & installation of indoor units significantly reduces costs and improves user experience. With remote management capabilities, you can seamlessly add, remove, or modify projects and intercom devices remotely, without the need for on-site visits. Manage multiple projects efficiently, saving time and resources.


DNAKE Cloud Platform User Manual_V1.4

DNAKE Smart Pro App User Manual_V1.3.21


For the cloud platform, how can I manage the licenses?

The licenses are for the solution with indoor monitor, the solution without indoor monitor, and value-added services (landline). You need to distribute the licenses from distributor to reseller/installer, from reseller/installer to projects. If using a landline, you need to subscribe to value-added services for the apartment in the apartment column with the property manager account.

What call modes does landline feature support?

1. App; 2. Landline; 3. Call the app first, then transfer to the landline.

Can I check logs with property manager account on the platform?

Yes, you can check the alarm, call, and unlock logs.

Does DNAKE charge to download the mobile app?

No, it’s free for anyone to use DNAKE Smart Pro app. You can download it from the Apple or Android store. Please provide your email address and phone number to your property manager for registration.

Can I remotely manage the devices with DNAKE Cloud Platform?

Yes, you can add and delete devices, change some settings, or check the status of the devices remotely.

What kinds of unlock methods does DNAKE Smart Pro have?

Our Smart Pro app can support many kinds of unlock methods such as shortcut unlock, monitor unlock, QR code unlock, Temp key unlock, and Bluetooth unlock (Near & Shake unlock).

Can I check the logs on Smart Pro app?

Yes, you can check the alarm, call, and unlock logs on the app.

Does DNAKE device support landline feature?

Yes, S615 SIP can support landline feature. If you subscribe to value-added services, you can receive a call from the door station with your landline or Smart Pro app.

Can I invite my family members to use Smart Pro app?

Yes, you can invite 4 family members to use it (5 in total).

Can I unlock 3 relays with Smart Pro app?

Yes, you can unlock 3 relays separately.

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