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“Preferred Supplier of China’s Top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprises” Awarded for 11 Consecutive Years

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Xiamen, China (March 30th, 2023) – According to the appraisal results released at the “2023 China Real Estate and Property Management Services Listed Companies Appraisal Results Conference” jointly held by China Real Estate Association and China Real Estate Appraisal Centre of Shanghai E-House Real Estate Research Institute in Shanghai, DNAKE ranked top 10 in the “Preferred Supplier of China's Top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprises” for the industries of building intercom, smart community, home automation, and fresh air system, and was included as “5A Supplier” in the data center of China Real Estate Association Supply Chain.

Ranked 1st with First Choice Rate of 17% in List of Video Intercom Brands for Four Consecutive Years

Video Intercom List

Ranked 2nd with First Choice Rate of 15% in List of Smart Community Service for Three Consecutive Years

Smart Community

Ranked 2nd with First Choice Rate of 12% in List of Smart Home Brands

Smart Home List

Top 10 with First Choice Rate of 8% in List of Fresh Air System

Fresh Air System

It is reported that the "Brand Evaluation Research Report of Preferred Supplier and Service Provider for 2023 Top 500 Housing Construction Supply Chain" is based on 13 consecutive years of research on the comprehensive strength of preferred cooperative brands for Top 500 real estate developers. The enterprise declaration data, CRIC database, and project information on the Public Tendering and Bidding Service Platform are used as samples, covering seven key indicators, including business data, project performance, supply level, green product, user appraisal, patent technology, and brand influence. With the help of expert scoring and offline review, the first choice index and sample first choice rate are finally obtained with a more scientific evaluation method.  

Until now, DNAKE has won the top awards for eleven consecutive years and has been rated as a "5A Supplier" by the Data Center of China Real Estate Association Supply Chain, which means DNAKE is outstanding in productivity, product ability, serviceability, delivery ability, and innovation, etc. 

5A Certificate

During its 18-year development, DNAKE has always focused on the fields of smart communities and smart hospitals to refine the value of sustainable development and enhance its comprehensive strength. In terms of the diversified layout of the industrial chain, DNAKE has formed a strategic layout of "1+2+N": "1" stands for the video intercom industry, "2" stands for the smart home and smart hospital industries, and "N" stands for smart traffic, fresh air Systems, smart door locks, and other subdivided industries. Since 2005, DNAKE has been giving customers a competitive advantage with the expertise of our team and advanced capabilities of our IP intercom solutions — and consistently earning industry recognition for it. DNAKE will unceasingly explore its brand’s internationalization with innovative products and services. 


Founded in 2005, DNAKE (Stock Code: 300884) is an industry-leading and trusted provider of IP video intercom and solutions. The company deep dives into the security industry and is committed to delivering premium smart intercom products and future-proof solutions with state-of-the-art technology. Rooted in an innovation-driven spirit, DNAKE will continuously break the challenge in the industry and provide a better communication experience and secure life with a comprehensive range of products, including IP video intercom, 2-wire IP video intercom, wireless doorbell, etc. Visit for more information and follow the company’s updates on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.

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