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Tmall Genie & DNAKE Collaborate to Develop Smart Control Panel, Building Smart Home Experiences Together


Xiamen, China (June 28, 2023) –  Xiamen Artificial Intelligence Industry Summit with the theme of "AI Empowerment" was solemnly held in Xiamen, known as the "Chinese Software-featured City".

Currently, the artificial intelligence industry is in a rapid development stage, with increasingly enriched and deeply penetrating applications in various industries. This summit has invited numerous industry experts and representatives to gather together to explore the frontier development and future trends of artificial intelligence in the wave of technological innovation, injecting new energy into the growing development of the AI industry. DNAKE was invited to the summit.


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DNAKE and ALIBABA became strategic partners, jointly developing a new generation of smart control panel for cross-family and community scenarios. At the summit, DNAKE introduced the new control center, which not only comprehensively accesses the Tmall Genie AIoT ecosystem, but also relies on DNAKE's industry-leading research and development advantages to form competitive advantages in stability, timeliness, and expandability. 


Ms. Shen Fenglian, the director of DNAKE Home Automation Business, gave an introduction to this 6-inch smart control center which is jointly developed by Tmall Genie and DNAKE. In terms of product appearance, the 6-inch smart control center adopts an innovative rotary control ring design with sandblasting and high-gloss processing technology, highlighting its exquisite texture and giving more stylish and trendy home decoration.  

The new panel integrates the Tmall Genie Bluetooth mesh gateway, which can easily realize interconnection with more than 300 categories and 1,800 brands of devices. Meanwhile, based on the content resources and ecological services provided by Tmall Genie, it builds a more colorful smart scenario and life experience for users. The unique rotary ring design also makes smart interaction more interesting.

DNAKE Smart Panel

At the beginning of 2023, the explosive popularity of the large language model ChatGPT ignited a wave of technological frenzy. Artificial intelligence provides new impetus for the development of the new economy, while also bringing new opportunities and challenges, and a new economic pattern is gradually taking shape.

Mr. Song Huizhi, manager for Alibaba Intelligent Interconnected Home Furnishing business, gave a keynote speech entitled "Intelligent Life, Smart Companions". With more and more families accepting the all-home intelligent scenario, intelligentization of home furnishing space is becoming a key trend of all-home intelligent scenario consumption. Tmall Genie AIoT open ecology cooperates deeply with partners like DNAKE to provide them with application suites, terminal architecture, algorithm models, chip modules, cloud IoT, training platforms, and other ways to access, so as to create a more comfortable and intelligent life for users.

Alibaba Director

As an epitome of DNAKE’s technological and conceptual innovation, DNAKE smart home control panels adhere to the people-centered design concept, adopt interactive methods that have a deeper understanding and application of knowledge, more “empathetic” perception and interaction abilities, and stronger abilities in knowledge acquisition and dialogue-based learning. This series has become an intelligent and caring companion in every household, capable of “listening, speaking, and understanding” its users, providing personalized and considerate care for residents.

Smart Home

DNAKE’s Chief Engineer, Mr. Chen Qicheng, stated in the roundtable salon that DNAKE has been deeply involved in the community intelligent security field since its establishment 18 years ago. After years of development, DNAKE has become a leading enterprise in the building intercom industry. It has formed a strategic layout of ‘1+2+N’ in diversified industrial chain deployment, focusing on its main business while promoting multi-dimensional coordinated development, strengthening the integration and development of the entire industrial chain. DNAKE reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Alibaba’s Intelligent Connectivity based on DNAKE’s leading advantage in the smart control screen field. The collaboration aims to complement each other’s resources and integrate respective ecosystems, creating more feature-rich and user-friendly control center products.


In the future, DNAKE will continue to explore the possibilities of applying artificial intelligence technology, adhere to the research and development concept of 'never cease pace to innovate", accumulate and experiment with various new technologies, strengthen the core competitiveness, and create a safe, comfortable, convenient, and healthy smart home for users.

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