Alta Smart Homes Simplify Your Daily Lives

The rapid development of artificial intelligence and the Internet of things has enabled the wide spread of smart home systems, and with the speed of this development, we have become able to take the advantage of these technologies in a way that facilitates a lot of work that we used to do ourselves, but today we can get many benefits by relying On these technologies and here are some things that you can do with them to simplify your daily life and get the maximum convenience.

Ok Google, How is the traffic?
Ok google, do i need jacket today?
Hey google, Give me a turkey cooking recipe
Ok google, Play my Deezer lists
Good night, what time should i set the alarm?
Ok Google, Good night.

Voice assistant

Simply say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google" before any of the voice queries below:

Listen to media,  Control TV or speakers, Plan your day, Control your home

Manage alarms, timers, and shopping list

Get answers and information, Hear jokes and play trivia

Simplify your entertainment experience

Watch TV, access your movies, stream video, power up a game and enjoy HD 4K,

Smart entertainment for every TV. (Multi-room Video),

Share your entire movie library and streaming video in every room,

Integrate existing system with new smart home system

Connect your smart TV
Make your existing TV smart
“No other smart speaker sounds this good.”
Google Home Max uses machine learning to automatically adjust the equalizer settings to match the acoustics of your room
The ultimate listening experience

Multi-Room Audio

Fill the entire house with music or stream it to just one room,

Access to your popular streaming services Spotify, Deezer, TunIn Radio, and many more,

35+ million songs at your command.

Let your home speak out the alarm notifications, and welcoming you and your guests,

Use the preset routines or create your own based on the status ( morning, afternoon, evening)

Speak to your system Like: I am going out or I am at home, and let it do the rest….

Broadcast using your phone from outside to your home speakers any voice message ( I am on the way)….

Home climate control is not only Air-Conditioning

Your smart home sensors works accurately, it sense the humidity level so :

-if it goes less than %30 , then the humidifire goes On

but if the humidity goes more than %45, the Dehumidifier turned on, or automatically the AC switched on.

Humidifire works if humidity level is less than %30
Smart Thermostat
Install smart AC or just add a smart switch or thermostat

Air Conditioning is the most important at summer

Just install the smart thermostat to your existing  system, and have peace of mind.

Control your A/C from anywhere ,anytime, and monitor Temperature & Humidity.

Turn your A/C On/Off, automatically.

Save Energy.

Home Lighting efficiently smarter

Wireless, no cutting, no cable running.

Keep your existing lighting and change the switches only, and VS, or install both new.

Personalize your lighting to turn on/off at certain times, your presence, guest visit, or create a party mode and sync. with music.

Create a scenes Like (Good Morning) : it will turn of outdoor lights, and open your curtains & blinds, and turn on bathroom lights and fan.

Keyless entry

Keep your door locks, and get the smart handles, set your phone as presence sensor, or use finger print lock, or keypad lock, or use your ordinary key.

Send encrypted code to your friend if arrived before you.

Get notifications if somebody trying to open when you are out.

Install doorbell cam and get notifications on your smart devices.

Smart door cam that  allow face recognition. and streaming to any display

Two ways Audio & Video call, to speak to your visitor if you are out.

All devices are battery powered 

Keypad lock No key
Battery Powered
Finger Print
Battery powered
Smart Lock
Battery Powered - Indoor Unit - Outdoor Ordinary key
Google Nest Doorbell
Bee-hole Doorbell
Battery Powered - Wireless - 2 Ways AV

Smart, Quite, Fast Cleaning.

Map out your home then clean one room, many rooms, or your whole house with a few taps on your phone.

Reach more floors with robot vacuum.

Captures up to 95% of allergens including pollen and mold, helping you keep the air at home fresh, clean, and easy to breathe.

Able to mop up to 150sqm (1610sqft)2 you can clean your entire home in one single run.